MCS is a specialist for high-quality mounts that provide impressive individuality, quality and safety. Many years of experience in the production of many different kinds of mounts and domestic and international sales convince not only our long-term customers of many years.


Well planned, and the job is half done already. A successful project presupposes careful planning. Our yardstick: High safety standards, top quality, etc.


The “Design”: section is a department that is firmly integrated into MCS. Custom solutions tailored to the needs of individual customers are drawn up here.


MCS customers profit from our know-how in this specific area, our many years of experience and our detailed and special knowledge of the sector.

Testing under load

Our products are tested in accordance with the usual industry standards plus DIN EN 1789:2014, EASA CS-27 and the SAE standards for safety at up to 26G.


We market our products in various shops and through our sales partners, including equipment from various makers for defibrillators, both domestically and internationally.


MCS implements demanding solutions in medical technology. Our products are characterized by being completely developed in-house and in Germany.

Customer orientation

We are capable contact persons for our customers. The customer and his needs and wishes take top priority with us.


Quality begins by putting the customer at the centre of your thinking. (Quote from John F. Akers) We do just this through a commitment to our quality policy.

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MCS medical concept solutions GmbH

Who we are?

The company MCS medical concept solutions was founded in 2012.
We are capable contact persons for all questions involving the handling of medical emergencies.

What can you expect from us?

MCS medical concept solutions stands for the superlative quality of its products, reliability and innovative technical solutions, all with a good price/performance ratio.

We develop pioneering products with a high degree of functionality and safety.

In addition to that, we develop individual custom solutions as required.

Development is done in collaboration with our customers and comprises new technologies, equipment and accessory parts for equipment for medical emergencies up to series production or the manufacture of one-off items. All this, of course, with the CE mark.

Our success is based on a continuous exchange of information and close cooperation with users.

MCS medical concept solutions GmbH

Quality management

Maintaining the satisfaction and confidence of our customers is our paramount goal.

We set high standards for our products and services and meet them through a commitment to our quality policy.

A corresponding quality management system is required by law for the manufacturers of medical products in Europe. The requirements concerning this are defined in EC Directive 93/42/EEC Medical products and in standard DIN EN ISO 13485 Quality management systems. In worldwide trade there are additional regulations and forms of certification with requirements that are sometimes tougher, and which have been integrated into our quality management system.

Constant improvement of our processes is monitored by regular internal audits in all sectors. MCS medical concept solutions is audited independently by the “Notified Body”, DQS.

DQS MED Zertifikatssiegel
Geschäftsführer MCS


MCS supports you capably with its many years of experience in development so as to be able to jointly make new developments and tackle technical challenges, all the way up to final production. During this process, we create the entire product folder during product development and also handle the entire approval process for you.

Why MCS as an OEM?

Working in close cooperation with our customers, we develop individual OEM solutions that meet at market and product-specific standards. High-precision work even to the smallest dimensions is a matter of course for us. MCS offers you top manufacturing quality product quality and innovations.

Geschäftsführer MCS


Our products are often used for defibrillators. The areas of application are extremely varied. Rescue services, ambulances, the fire service, the military, the police, clinics, general safety, civil defence, outpatient care and medical practices, and much more. We are active both at a domestic and an international level.

Haltesysteme / Mounting-Solutions

Mounting Solutions

Kabelloesungen / Cable-Solutions

Cable Solutions

Sonderlösungen / Special-Solutions

Special Solutions




We have asked our customers what they think about our work and our services.


We are a hand-picked team of experts who are reliable and capable.

Geschäftsführer Markus Schaub

Markus Schaub


Geschäftsführer Volker Lange

Volker Lange


Außendienstmitarbeiter Jörg Spetsmann

Jörg Spetsmann


Logistik Fritz Brüggemann

Fritz Brüggemann



Our logistics and our office are open Monday to Friday from 08:00 am to 04:30 pm and on Satureday by appointment.

Contact details

Business Hours

Technical Support: +49 6441 – 44 69 364

Technical Support: 0170 73 77 546

Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 04:30 pm

Moday to Friday from 08:00 am to 04:30 pm

Development and Quality management

Address: Industriestraße 6, 35580 Wetzlar-Nauborn, Deutschland

Address: Industriestraße 6, 35580 Wetzlar-Nauborn, Deutschland


Address: Kurzer Morgen 5, 58239 Schwerte, Deutschland

Address: Kurzer Morgen 5, 58239 Schwerte, Deutschland



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+49 6441 – 44 69 364


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+49 2304 978914 (Schwerte)

+49 6441 44693-66 (Wetzlar)